Wednesday, January 2, 2013

On Needles

As I write this post, I realize my days.. rather, hours.. are numbered. 2013 seemed like it would start on such a happy note but I have arrived to a stark reality. Tomorrow morning at 7:45 AM Eastern Standard Time, I will be subjected to heinous acts of torture as doctors extract my warm, nurturing, rich blood for analysis. I fear I may not survive the day. Please.. Keep me in your thoughts.

..But seriously. I have an irrational fear of needles. It's rather pathetic (and ironic, since I want to enter the medical field), but the very thought of a needle puncturing my skin, entering a vein and then sucking out blood really creeps me out. It has partially something to do with the fact that I am particular about anything sticking me but also because the crook of the arm seems so innocent; nonthreatening. Why would anyone want to stick a needle there? Creeps me out.

I understand the necessity to draw blood in order to check my cholesterol, etc, etc. but as I've grown, the days of pricking my ring finger to extract blood into minuscule vials have long passed and I have to know act and be treated "like an adult."

Be warned for my thoughts are not censored, but personally, I'd much rather a doctor create an incision with a scalpel on my arm to drain blood from me than a needle be stuck into a vein to extract it. That's right, I'd rather be cut open than be pricked by a needle. It makes no sense, but there it is.

Oh boy.

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