Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dream- Sisters are a nightmare.

I've decided to post again after a very, very long time. I will henceforth be writing about my dreams which have become extremely vivid. Maybe one of you psych majors can tell me a little bit more about me.

So my dream begins with...

My family sitting in lawn chairs placed in a courtyard in Mombasa, Kenya. To set the scene a little, the courtyard was surrounded by palm trees and the spacious area was decorated lavishly with streamers and the like. What was odd about the dreams is that I don't think I was in it at all. I was, to best put it, off screen. Anyways, my family was gathered there to celebrate my eighth birthday. This is where it gets really strange. There were two versions of my sister Shaila in my dream. A two-year-old version of Shaila and a six-year-old version of Shaila. I'm going to call them Little and Big Shaila, respectively. Big Shaila was carrying Little Shaila under one arm. In the other she was carrying my balloons for my birthday party. Little Shaila had a needle in one hand and every so often, to my horror, she would pop one of my balloons! The ridiculous thing is every single time Little Shaila popped a balloon, Big Shaila would almost vindictively call out to me (off screen) saying "Oops, sorry Amyn." Every. Single. Time.

My family did nothing and it made me sad.

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