Tuesday, December 25, 2012


So I was on the Lido deck, the deck open to the elements, the deck where everything happens. Deck 15. It was a day at sea and we'd already stopped at all our ports of call. I wanted to chilllllll.

I took my iPod and Enders Game, a book from my childhood that I cannot seem to put down, ever. I made my way up and reclined on those poolside lounge chair-bed things.

It was rather awkward; everyone around me was half naked, with the intention of getting a tan or tired after a swim and here I was, fully clothed. I didn't need to tan! I'm a healthy caramel color.

Moments later, a girl stretched herself on a chaise lounge chair (that's what they're called, I googled it.) and I froze.

The incongruency of what I was doing, where I was doing it and what I was wearing while doing it dawned on me. I must have looked like an idiot reading by the pool, fully clothed while this veritable mermaid oils herself up beside me.

So I left.

Aahhahaha I left my book and iPod there to save my spot though. I went down to my stateroom and changed into my swimming costume and I sprayed on some suntan stuff. I later will realize that SPF 30 did nothing for me and the bad taste in my mouth and constant sneezing after I sprayed the suntan lotion on was for naught.

Anyways, I headed back up and I reclined, continuing to read my book.

Now see, Ender's Game is a masterpiece. It alerts the reader to the intricacies of human emotion and experience. It transcends so many sociopolitical boundaries.

So I'm very into the book. I'm also dead scared of embarrassing myself in front of this chick. After..oh.. about 2 hours laying out, I muster the courage to talk to her.

"So, hey..! Erm.. do you know what time it is?"

^PURE stupidity. She's SWIMMING you IDIOT. How would she have the time?

The universe favored me, however. She had her iPhone with her and told me it was 2:21

I "hmm"-ed and then I kept on "reading" for what I hoped was nine minutes and left.

Ahaha awkward. Oops.

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